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Past Team Members

I have recently been given the opportunity to undergo work experience underneath the supervision of Michael and Bradley at the Geological Solutions Office. I underwent a vigorous training course to prepare me for a position as a rig geologist out in the field within New South Wales. This training, composed of a variety of well-structured, comprehensive courses provided me with invaluable experience when the time came for my first placement at Whitehaven Coal. I found that due the these courses, I was able to transition into my new role confidently and easily and have since developed into a young, budding graduate geologist motivated and passionate about geology.”

I could not find a more supportive team to kick-start my career and am privileged to be a part of the Geological Solutions team. I highly endorse the training Geological Solutions has to offer and recommend Michael and Bradley as fantastic employers to both graduate geologists’ and experienced geologists’ alike

Michael Morton
Sept 2017

Working at Geological Solutions was an unexpected but greatly rewarding experience. Starting as a Graduate Geologist, they provided the necessary resources, experience and support while I was finding my feet in the industry. Now as an experienced Geologist I have the knowledge and the confidence to take on any challenges the job may present. I would highly recommend Geological Solutions to those looking for a start in the industry as well as geos with more experience seeking to diversify their skills

Alex Benson
Sept 2013

I had the pleasure of being employed with Geological Solutions for part of 2013 before reluctantly leaving in August. Throughout my employment with Geological Solutions I have been consistently impressed by their integrity and determination to provide the highest level of service possible to the client. This I have noticed through positive feedback from the client and from observations of my own. I was also pleasantly surprised with the ease with which Geological Solutions manage and maintain contact with their employees, ensuring the process is as smooth and hassle free for all parties as possible!

I feel that the company is also very understanding of their employees’ personal requirements and make every effort to be flexible and provide their support, something which is greatly appreciated and needed with the nature of FIFO work. Every single staff member is extremely friendly and approachable and there is a wonderful team atmosphere.

Through my experiences and knowledge of the experiences of others, along with the client’s satisfaction on the project I worked for, I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Geological Solutions as a fantastic employer, client and contractor.

Emily Field
Data Validation Geologist
August 2013

I have recently decided to leave Geological Solutions Pty Ltd, to pursue the next stage of my career and have prepared the following testimonial describing my experience working for Geological Solutions Pty Ltd.

In November 2007 I was employed as Graduate Geologist, throughout the next four years I progressed up the geological ladder to the level of a Senior Geologist in 2011. During this period of time I have worked on numerous coal exploration, mining and petroleum leases across Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia for a number of different clients including Bowen Central Coal (Eagle Downs), Macarthur Coal (Middlemount mine and Exploration Projects), Norton Goldfields (Middlemount Project), Rio Tinto(Hail Creek & HVO), Vale (Belvedere Coal Project), Arrow Energy (Northern sector), Linc Energy (Walloway Basin Project) and Northern Energy Corporation (Hervey Bay) and all with their unique roles.

The Directors of Geological Solutions Pty Ltd, Bradley and Michael Crighton and other Senior Members have mentored me over the years in all aspects of the job. In recent times I have been fortunate enough to do some of my own mentoring and passing on this vital knowledge gained to the new generation of budding geologists coming through the ranks in Geological Solutions Pty Ltd. I am grateful to Bradley and Michael for giving me a start in the industry, and placing myself on several interesting and at times challenging projects. These projects have given me the exposure and skill set to handle anything
that I may encounter in my geological career to a point where I have been offered the position of a Project Geologist for a dynamic mining company.

Geological Solutions Pty Ltd, have been vital in my success as a Geologist, and I wish the whole team all the best for their future endeavors in this industry.

Joshua Reid
Senior Geologist
November 2012

I changed career and worked for GS for almost two years. GS was a great place to work, and the management were all very supportive and approachable.  They put a lot of effort into finding contracts that work well for their staff, and then support them well out in the field.

They are involved in projects with a variety of mining companies and as such provide a great range of experience for their workforce. GS were also very accommodating with trying to work personal commitments alongside work commitments and put some effort into assisting their staff with their work/life balance.

Damon Clarke

August 2012

Working for Geo Sols as a young grad was the best choice I made in my professional development. The experience I gained from being placed alongside an experienced geologist made me realise my potential. My requests for a lifestyle roster were accommodated with no issues and as a result, I was able to work hard on hitch and still have a life outside of work.

The personal approach Brad and Mick have with their employees really does make working for GeoSols enjoyable and rewarding and I definitely did not feel like ‘another number’ in the company. As a result I found extra motivation to work harder and bring better results to the client to ensure the GeoSols brand was well respected. Although I have moved on from GeoSols, I have not encountered a more personal, accommodating and
professional company to work for as an employee.

I recommend anyone to work with GeoSols, especially new grads that are keen to learn fast and be treated fairly!

Edward Bramich
Graduate Geologist
November 2011

I have had the pleasure of working for Geological Solutions from 2008 to the end of the 2011. During this time I have been fortunate to work on a number of contracts within the coal industry, from giants such as BMA to smaller players along with experience in the coal seam gas sector.

The exposure to the variety of clients and their various data acquisition, sampling and safety systems has been invaluable. As such i have had experience in multiple facets of exploration programme; from cultural heritage, and site preparation, 4c, 8c, HQ, and PQ drilling Q1 and Q2 gas testing and well-site supervision.

This has built a solid foundation for a future career to which I am very grateful to both Brad and Mick Crighton. They have always had work available, good to communicate with, and been flexible with any time I have needed off with work waiting for me upon my return. I would recommend Geological Solutions to anyone.

Hamish Martin
September 2011

During my time with Geological Solutions I gained a wide range of skills and made friends with people from across the globe. The directors of the company always do their upmost to find you an appropriate project even during times of difficulty, for example during the wet season. I found the staff in the office of Geological Solutions easy to deal with and extremely friendly.

Being that the Directors have worked in the field themselves they know the appropriate level at which their expectations should be at. I highly recommend working for Geological Solutions as it is a rewarding and friendly environment.

James Mauchline
Graduate Geologist
July 2011

I have recently made a decision to depart Geological Solutions to start my own consultancy and have prepared the following testimonial regarding my experience whilst working for Geological Solutions.

I have had a great experience working for Geological Solutions as a Senior Geologist both at Rio Tinto and Gloucester Coal. I respect Mick and Brad Crighton immensely both as employers and as individuals. The growth of Geological Solutions is a credit to both of them for their hard work over the years and I am sure they will go from strength to strength in the coming years.

I have found Mick and Brad both extremely helpful in my time with Geological Solutions, they have taken the time to get to know me on a personal and professional level, have taken suggestions for business improvements I have made seriously and have provided me with some excellent advice and mentoring whilst I have been employed by them.

I feel that Geological Solutions are well regarded within the industry by both their clients and their team members. Geologists working for this company are deemed favorably within the industry and the fact that I have worked for Geological Solutions will stand me in good stead throughout the remainder of my career as a geologist.

As my career progresses I will definitely consider utilizing Geological Solutions in the future for the provision of contract geological services. I would also be quite happy to return to Geological Solutions in the future. I have found that Mick and Brad value their employees and have structured their company in a way that they seek to hire quality employees, to deliver quality data to their clients and to ensure that projects are delivered in a safe, efficient and cost effective way.

I would like to personally thank Mick and Brad for all of the time and effort you have put into me in my employment and professional development whilst I have been employed by Geological Solutions. I regret the need to depart however I will no doubt have ongoing involvement with Geological Solutions in the future albeit in a different capacity.

Glen Mallaby
Senior Geologist
June 2011

As a graduate geologist at Geological Solutions, I have learnt a vast array of skills and have experienced a great deal of what the coal exploration industry has to offer. I have coordinated drill crews, earth movers, field technicians and worked on a number of chip, HQ & PQ coring rigs, sampling for gas, geotech and coal quality.

My time with Geological Solutions has been a fulfilling experience and has allowed me to work alongside a group of very professional geologists and develop lifelong friendships. I will certainly be recommending Geological Solutions in the future as a group as well as to geologists looking for a fulfilling work place.

Joshua Leigh
Senior Geologist
May 2011

I was employed by Geological Solutions from 2006 to 2010 and consider them to be a very reliable and professional company to work for.
I started with Geo Sols as a graduate geologist and required training to hone my skills so that I could meet mine standards. My training period with the team was very effective and I became quite comfortable with my ability after a short period.

Within a few short years I had worked on several mine sites and exploration leases as Geological Solutions had contracts with many clients around Australia and the world. I personally worked in the Bowen Basin for companies such as Rio Tinto and Vale.
Due to the range of my experiences at Geological Solutions, I was able to climb up the ‘geologist ladder’ and gained work as a supervising geologist and a project geologist.

I found Geological Solutions to be a great company to work for as they always had work to offer their staff and always paid their staff on time.
Furthermore, Brad and Mick are great guys to work for. They are flexible and understanding of staff needs. I personally was able to take holidays when I wanted and had work waiting for me upon my return. Geo Sols is big enough to cover absent workers when required and small enough to have a friendly team environment.

I recommend Geological Solutions to any geologist who wants to work in a secure, friendly environment.

Paul Brubacher
Senior Geologist
November 2010

“During my time with Geological Solutions I learnt valuable skills within the Coal exploration and mining industry. Over the last three years they have always provided me with a steady workload in a large variety of projects throughout Queensland. The contacts I have consequently made have proven to be invaluable throughout my geology career.”

Levi Turner
Senior Geologist
June 2010

I have not been in the mining industry for an extended period of time but I have worked with many companies and interacted with a lot of contractors from various backgrounds and companies.
My general feelings on Geological Solutions as an employer are great. They treat you with respect and tell you how it is. I think it may be because the owners are geologists who have been sub contractors in the industry themselves (and subsequently treated poorly) they know what you are expecting from their own experiences. I have never been afraid to recommend Geological Solutions to any geologist looking for work or company looking to hire contractors.

Ryan Koch
Senior Geologist
November 2009

‘The management at Geological Solutions are of the best standard I have dealt with. Their outlook on work/life with their team/employees is great and imperative to my job satisfaction.’

Sam Newman
Senior Geologist

November 2011

“Mick and Brad Crighton go the extra yard to look after their Clients, and to care for the welfare of Employees – both are businessmen and gentlemen”

Ron Lees
Project Geologist
October 2011

As new team members to Geological Solutions, we have found the transition from our previous employer extremely quick and easy. Mick and Brad have offered us a personal service ensuring we are happy with everything from the hitch roster to the type of project, before commencing work. We believe this type of service we have experienced is rare in this industry.

There is a very positive attitude within the company, creating a refreshing work environment. We would recommend Geological Solutions to all graduates and experienced Geologists.

Sarah Edwards & Mark Davies

July 2011

Current Team Members

I was part of the Geological Solutions team throughout the majority of 2011, and in this time had the pleasure to participate in the dynamic operation developed over the past 8 or so years by the Crighton boys, Mick and Brad. As a FIFO exploration geologist there are numerous logistical challenges to be met on a number of fronts. In every instance, the management team and support staff were always able to develop resolution strategies to ensure that the field team were empowered to do the best job possible, often under testing and extreme circumstances.

They had my back covered at all times, enabling me to give our clients the high-quality geoscientific services and data they expected, irrespective of environmental conditions. Significant transit distances, fire, flood, and volcanic ash clouds were all issues confronted by me personally, yet, with the extensive training received and support from management, I was able to transcend every obstacle thrown at me, and come up with the goods without compromise.

Prior to commencement of fieldwork I was put through a rigorous training regime, fully funded by GeoSols. This delivered me a range of tools to achieve excellence in areas specific to the work I was to undertake, most notably, coal industry safety, supervision, medical, and fire-fighting techniques, with the later put to use protecting my tenement when a large grass fire threatened the Landholder’s property, and exploration drilling assets.

Returning to Postgraduate studies in 2012, I was most reluctant to give up my GeoSols Hi-Viz, which I have worn with great pride throughout my tenure as Exploration Geologist, Site Supervisor, and Acting Project Geologist.  I give Geological Solutions Pty Limited my highest recommendation and suggest that all potential clients and employees, seeking consistent services, support, and quality of product, take the time to assess the credentials of GeoSols, the management team, and their committed field team of around 80 highly-skilled geologists.

Michael Frey
Senior Geologist
January 2012

I was employed by Geological Solutions Pty Ltd as a Geologist from September 2007 to June 2010. During this period of time I worked on many coal exploration / mining and coal bed methane(CBM) projects across Queensland for multi – national clients including Rio Tinto, Vale, Molopo Energy, Bow Energy, and Northern Energy Corporation. I also worked for Lucas Pipelines on a gas pipeline geotechnical trenchability project in the Northern Territory which now delivers gas from the North West Shelf to Darwin.

The directors of Geological Solutions Pty Ltd , Michael and Bradley Crighton and the other senior geologists trained me in all aspects of lithology and geotechnical core and chip logging, Q1 gas desorption testing, quality control of sample dispatch and site safety management.

I am very grateful to Michael and Bradley for these interesting and challenging projects they have placed me on. The exposure to different exploration/ drilling styles including HQ, NQ, HMLC coring and percussion and PDC drilling fast tracked my career to the point where I was offered the position of Company Representative / Wellsite Geologist in 2009 on a CBM Directional Drilling program after only 2 years in the field.

This supervisory role has provided me with invaluable experience with safety leadership, down hole mud motors, electromagnetic directional sensors/ tools and deep hole high pressure cementing. I now have the background and experience to branch into the oil and conventional gas industry.

Geological Solutions Pty Ltd have been integral in my success as a Geologist.

Vaughan Shearer
May 2009


Thanks Brad, I really appreciate your help as well. Working with Geo Solutions has been a real pleasure. Look forward to meeting up next time I’m in Brisbane.

Steve Menzies
Project Geologist
November 2011

Again I would like to make note that the exploration program is currently running slightly ahead of schedule and under budget and this I believe is credited to the Geological Solutions team and supervision of the exploration program.

Project Geologist

November 2011

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