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Geological Solutions continuously strives to achieve Quality, Efficiency and Commitment to our customers. In order to achieve and maintain our high standards, Geological Solutions has produced a comprehensive Safety Health & Welfare Management System (SH&WMS) comparable to any leading exploration or mining company.

Geological Solutions Pty. Ltd. has implemented this Safety, Health & Welfare Management System in accordance with the Australian, and States Coal Mining and Metalliferous Safety and Health legislation. This Safety System is an integral part of the overall Geological Solutions Pty. Ltd. management system and incorporates the goal setting aspects of that legislation as well as prescriptive requirements that will ensure compliance with other State and International Mining Safety Laws and Regulations.
The structure of the Geological Solutions SH&WMS addresses the requirements under CMSHA s 62 and is consistent with the continuous improvement model for AS 4804 Occupational Health and Safety Management System – General guidelines on principles, systems and supporting techniques

Geological Solutions employs and develops highly motivated, skilled and safety conscious Field Personnel who strive for excellence. The company has safety officers who demand the highest standards of safety from our team and everyone who enters a Geological Solutions work site. Failure to comply with these high standards is considered extremely serious and is not tolerated.

Training and Culture

Geological Solutions has a well-developed safety culture incorporating all employees and areas of the company in relation to providing quality geological services to the mining and exploration industry within Australia and abroad. Insistence of high level of safety, communication (particularly responsiveness to client requirements) and practical training ensures Geological Solutions provides the best service in a safe/zero harm manner. Geological Solutions is proud of their excellent safety statistics with zero fatalities and minimal loss time injuries.

To achieve such high standards of safety we have developed a culture, where safety is the first step taken in any job and we expect that our team to ingrain this culture into their own personal lifestyles to assure long-term success. Geological Solutions promotes a mentoring program between junior and senior personnel, which allows the communication of on-site experience of both safety and technical issues to be passed to inexperienced personnel.

The safety culture is ingrained throughout the entire company, with safety being the first topic at any meeting and safety procedures being constantly reviewed. Team meetings in a social setting are organised with support of the Project Managers to assist in team bonding on a regular basis.

Safety Qualifications

Geological Solutions maintainstheir high safety standards by ensuring all field personnel to have the minimum following qualifications;

  • Geologists – Degree in Geology or equivalent;
  • QLD Standard 11 or equivalent;
  • QLD Coal Board Medical or equivalent;
  • Supervisors Course QLD S123;
  • Four Wheel Drive and Defensive Driving course;
  • Senior 1st Aid and CPR;
  • Company Inductions.

The company communicates safety alerts/watches to its Team on a regular basis, which may include internal incidents, external industry related incidents and all alerts that have the potential to affect our Team, at work or at home.

Whether it is Coal, Coal Bed Methane, Petroleum or Metals our safety standards are always maintained as we strive to provide Quality & Efficiency to our customers whilst maintaining the highest commitment to safety.

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