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SSE and Safety Services

Geological Solutions is an industry recognised provider of experienced well trained technical professionals to the Australian Mining & Exploration Industry.
We have the capability to provide continuous end to end turnkey services, including the supply of Site Senior Executives (SSE) to the Metalliferous and Coal Exploration & Mining Industries. Geological Solutions can also undertake/act as a Coal Mine Operator.

Geological Solutions Site Senior Executives (SSE) are experienced operators who comply with the relevant State Legislation for Coal and Metals, our SSE’s carry out the following duties:

  • Ensuring the risk to persons working on Mining Leases or Explorations Permits is at an acceptable level;
  • Develop, implement and manage Safety Management Plans for Mining Leases and Exploration Permits;
  • Ensuring adequate supervision, control and on-going compliance to relevant Acts & Regulations;
  • Provide planning, organisation, leadership and control of mining operations;
  • Regular monitoring, assessment and inspections of work places;
  • On-going site & project management;
  • On-Boarding Contractors and Supervisor appointment;
  • General safety.

Geological Solutions also offers other safety services such as;

  • Electrical test and tag;
  • Perform Drug and Alcohol Sample Screening (31002QLD)

Geological Solutions understands the importance of safety across all aspects of operations from exploration to production, we can tailor our services to meet your safety, operational and budgetary goals.

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