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Training  Services

Geological Solutions supplies several training and compliance services, including but not limited to:

  • Qualified TAE Trainers & Assessors
  • GIS/MapInfo Training
  • Practical Coal Geology Training Course

Qualified TAE Trainers & Assessors

Our team of fully qualified Trainers & Assessors (TAE) can assist you with your specific training requirements, develop new course content and even customise our course content to suit your company needs. These qualified Trainers have experience in the industry at a grass roots level, they also conduct the Geological Solutions Certificate in Practical Geology.

GIS/MapInfo Training

Geosols has several GIS/MapInfo trainers who can assist in all your training needs, either at our training facility or on your site.

Practical Coal Geology Training Course

The Geological Solutions Practical Coal Geology Training Course  is now available and the course can be accommodated in our New Core Lab Training Facility located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland Australia or on your site.

The course was developed as a direct response of the lack of practical field experience given to graduate geologists while at University. As a company and principal members of AusIMM for a number of years, Geological Solutions is proactively supportive of professional development of the ‘younger generation of Geologists’. We take our obligation seriously in ‘actively assisting and encouraging those under our direction to advance their knowledge and experience’ (AusIMM Code of Conduct – Ethic Pt 8)

The course modules relate to the tasks and duties Geologists and Field Technicians perform on a daily basis, with an leadership module included, to address rig supervision issues. It is mandatory for all Geological Solutions Teams Members to complete this course. The course modules include:





GEO403A (*)

Drilling for Field Personnel


Conduct Chip Logging


Conduct Core Logging


Conduct Geotechnical Logging


Conduct Geophysical Analysis & Data Processing

GEO409A (*)

Conduct Sample Storage

ELECTIVE UNITS (Choose 4 units only)

GEO401A (*)

Provide Supervision & Leadership (Compulsory for Graduates)

GEO402A (*)

GPS for Exploration Activities

GEO404A (*)

Seams & Basins of Australia

GEO410A (*)

Conduct Point Load Testing


Conduct Limit of Oxidation Testing

GEO412A (*)

Conduct Q1 Gas Testing

GEO413A (*)

Supervise Piezometric Installation

Please Click on the following link for information about our training course and for an course/module outline.

Course dates

2015 Training Schedule


Start Date

Cooroy, QLD Australia

19th Jan 2015

Cooroy, QLD Australia

16th Feb 2015

Cooroy, QLD Australia

20th Apr 2015

Cooroy, QLD Australia

22nd Jun 2015

Cooroy, QLD Australia

17th Aug 2015

Cooroy, QLD Australia

19th Oct 2015

Who should attend?

This training is best suited for graduate, Junior or Project Geologists and Field Personnel.

Delivery mode

The  training (units 1-13) is conducted at our Training Facility once a quarter, contact the Training Co-ordinator for upcoming dates, accommodation at the facility can be booked at our Facility at a minimal charge.

Customised training is available to address specific client/project needs

Delivery strategy

For each of the units, candidates will receive a learning and assessment pack. The assessment process and due dates will be determined with your trainer and as a guide should not exceed four (4) weeks for a unit of competency.

Candidates are required to complete all practical assessment tasks during the tutorials conducted at the training facility or under supervision on a work site. The trainer will take in all practical and theoretical components when assessing your competency for each unit.

Please contact us today to discuss your training requirements:

Training Co-ordinator

Ph: (07) 5447 6000

Email: training@geologicalsolutions.com.au

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